11 Countries with the Worst Quality of Life in the World

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What are the countries with the worst quality of life in the World? There have been many articles written on the good things in the world, but there is not much information or analysis about the countries with the worst quality of life in the World. Finding this information is a bit tedious as many parameters relevant to Quality of Life can not be quantified. The job of researchers, analysts and individuals alike would be made easy, if everything in this world can be quantified. But there are many facets of life that can never be quantified or to put it effectively, these factors can be expressed in a better way if they are subjected to qualitative analysis.  In order to understand the overall health of a nation, it is imperative to look beyond the economic indicators which are primarily expressed in currency denominations. This assessment, which takes into account various factors commonly grouped as Quality of Life (QoL) parameters, indicates the overall well-being of an individual and the communities. As a note of caution, this should not be confused with the Standard of Living which primarily is the measure of availability of certain goods and services to the citizens.

Quality of life has been defined by many scholars in various ways. However the underlining concept of QoL is the subjective and objective parameters and their interplay that measure the well-being of individuals and the societies, in general. These are the measures which try to understand the gap between the needs of the citizens and fulfillment of the same. Furthermore, various studies have listed various parameters which form as the framework to understand QoL.  One more thing to understand while assessing the quality of life is that, it measures not just the individual parameter in isolation, it also takes into account the interaction amongst these parameters.

This article tries to rank 11 countries with the worst quality of life in the World based on parameters as listed out in the following paragraphs. If you are curious about knowing the other end of the spectrum you should read this article on the ten countries with the highest quality of life index. For the purpose of this article the countries are ranked on the basis of the following parameters. Parameters like murder rates adversely affect the quality of life of a nation; however these variables have not been included.

– Life Expectancy

– Access to Primary Education

– Liveability

– Healthcare System

– Living Environment

– Governance

In this ranking, more weighting is given to parameters like living environment and the healthcare system which in turn have impact on other parameters like livability and life expectancy. Scores are given to each parameter and final ranking is based on the weights given to each parameter. Based on our calculations here are the 11 countries with the worst quality of life in the World:

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