11 Countries with the Best Human Rights Ranking in the World

The 11 countries with the best human rights ranking in the world are an example of how basic human rights should be strictly upheld, no matter what race, religion and gender one has. The days when all the right there were could be summed up with “kill or be killed” are long behind us. Each day we all wake up and wish to live in a better world where everyone is equal and no innocent people are shunned, oppressed or mistreated by the authorities or society. However, there is still quite a lot to mend all around the world. Take for example the ten countries with the highest income inequality in the world. There, while people with connection and often unjustly received power and money keep on building up their fortune while the rest suffer in poverty. Other examples include countries where women are still underrepresented in every way on purpose. Even worse, in some places around the globe women are thought of as far less than men.

Social, financial and religious causes aren’t the only things that take away many people’s basic human rights, though. You can often see different types of abuse even in the most developed countries around the world. For example, abuse of political power or corruption can play a huge role in a country’s respect for the human rights. Other times you can see military forces or forces of the law abuse their power due to different types of bias. There is a lot to fix and we are nowhere near perfection yet. However, these countries represent a step forward in the right direction.

The list you are about to lay your eyes on was formed by the CIRI Human Rights Data Project as a reference. Each country is compared against a set of rights which should be upheld in any case such as the right to not be tortured or killed on the basis of your beliefs and opinions, the right to freedom of expression and religion, labor rights, right to equality between the sexes and many more. Then each is given a score of up to thirty. Let’s take a look at the countries where you’d be free to the biggest extent.