11 Countries With the Highest Cancer Rates in the World

The 11 countries with the highest cancer rates in the world do show us that we are still standing on the fine line between reducing cancer rates by effective treatments and raising them by the lack of such. While some of the countries on the list are among the 11 countries with the best healthcare in the world, cancer is widespread and difficult to treat disease which can affect anyone in favorable circumstances.

What is more, today’s way of life makes us way more prone to developing cancerous growths than ever. The high pollution and toxicity factor of our resources, the often carcinogenic materials and ingredients in things we put on or inside us and the lots of unhealthy stress we put on our bodies all leave their mark on us. While cancer has been plaguing human existence since before history was recorded, today’s way of life gives way to the malignant mutation of cells. Now, if you have hypochondriac tendencies, you might want to stop reading but looking at it realistically, your body is fighting such mutations at any one given point on a very tiny level, which technically means that if it fails just once, it could spread. However, this is how we all live and in an indirect way, how some of us die.

Even so, don’t abandon all hope for life. Even though cancer is more widespread today than before, it is also more and more effectively treatable. While in the past centuries a tooth infection could lead you straight to the grave, people with even more advanced stages of cancer live to have many tooth infections for years ahead. Paradoxically more lethal and with a better prognosis, cancer today is a big problem in the countries on this list and many of them are putting a lot of resources into fighting it. Let’s look at each of them.