11 Countries With the Best Healthcare In the World

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Every nation and its government should learn from these great 11 countries with the best healthcare in the world. Without any doubt, the majority of healthcare systems in the world need a major revamp. From care delivery to patient engagement, almost every area of healthcare needs to see improvement, especially when we talk about the global healthcare.

One of the reasons why most countries have poor healthcare structure is because the pharmaceutical and life sciences today are multi-billion dollar industries. For example, there is some serious cash involved in the process of creating and marketing a new drug or coming up with a breakthrough treatment, which holds the potential to treat troublesome diseases like cancer, etc. With such high amount of finances involved, sometimes the people in-charge tend to overlook the human aspect of medicine – which has to be the most important one. In almost all of the countries mentioned in this list, healthcare system is sustainable only because the people and organizations associated with the industry are honest and always looking to deliver care where it is needed the most.

Hospitals also play their part in building up the healthcare system of any country. Better hospitals, with all the necessary equipment, properly trained paramedic staff and qualified doctors can give a great boost to healthcare structure. Here is our list of the 6 countries with the Best Hospitals in the World.



What makes a healthcare system good? It is not a simple question as there are number of factors contributing to the success of healthcare system. These may include things like financial contribution, quality of care, timeliness, accessibility, affordability and many more.

We have carefully devised our list of 11 countries with the best healthcare and have put to use many indicators while ranking these nations. We have created a blend of health equality, accessibility, affordability, responsiveness, etc. Now, without further delay let us take you to our number eleven in the list – Norway!

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