11 Countries With Most Facebook Users

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In this post, we will take a look at the 11 countries with most Facebook users. The world that we live in is now a world of social media, and Facebook tops them all.  People used to say that man is a social animal even though in the past people did not have so many mediums of socializing and communicating. Looking back around twenty years we’ll be able to find that the only mediums of socializing were meeting up with the people you know or else talk to them over the phone. But the advent of Internet was a revolution in this field. The ways of socializing for the people became easier and cheaper. It was the Internet that enabled people to communicate and socialize with the rest of the world and that too with just a click of the mouse. Do you remember those modem sounds, dial-up connections and slow Internet speed back in the early 90s? Well, a lot has changed since then – Internet is super fast these days allowing users from all over the world to connect with each other more easily. Here is our list of 11 Countries with the Fastest Internet Speeds in the World.

After the Internet, came the invention of social media. The social media completely revolutionized the field of communicating & socializing. The first well known social media website was orkut.com but this website was not as successful as the website that was introduced after this  – Facebook.



The social media revolution can arguably be termed as the Facebook revolution. At the time of introduction of this social media website, there were some other websites related to social media but this website swept away all the others. Facebook just climbed up to the first position in no time and the users started to multiply in minutes. If we look at it now we will find out that almost every person on this planet that has access to Internet is, at least, aware of Facebook. The social media websites have revolutionized not only the ways of socializing for people but also some other fields like marketing of the brands and products. Most of the top-rated businesses have started to use this medium as marketing for their brands or products. Businesses tend to market more on Facebook than anywhere else, because they know that marketing their brand or product on this website will help them more as Facebook has the highest number of users in the world.

Here are the countries that are extremely addicted towards this social media website.

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