11 Countries with Large Atheist/Agnostic Population

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You can find a curious relation in these 11 countries with large atheist/agnostic population. Their progress in social and technological development is somehow backwardly proportional to their religiousness. Quite unlike the 10 most religious countries in the world where the exact opposite can be observed.

Religion has been one of the forces shaping the world ever since people accepted the concept of it. While in the beginning religion was solely based on folklore and who could think of the most interesting myth to explain something, early religion was all about people’s inability to explain common occurrences we don’t even notice anymore in our everyday lives. From then on, new faiths and religious, branches of such and various sects saw the light of day and the swords or blood of their enemy. Some, however, stuck with people throughout the centuries and we can still see them being very popular among people today. Well, not these people.

The modern world is highly incompatible with religion. While they all, in their roots, have a lot to teach the average person as far as morality and setting boundaries to good and evil within reason, religious scrolls and books are nothing like they started as. Throughout time lots and lots of people with intentions which had nothing to do with faith altered and misinterpreted these holy scripts with the sole intention of propagating their own ideas and increasing their control. Today, though, control and ideology have little to do with supernatural beings floating around in the sky. We live in the world that is rotated by forces explained by science, in a system observed by science, in a direction and manner that were shunned by the Christian church for centuries. We use a numerical system that was given us by the same people who kill women who expose their wrists and ankles. We enjoy numerous forms of culture that are the offspring of people who believed in one of the more amusing, highly incestuous pantheon of superhero like deities. Why do we keep on fighting over who has the better imaginary friends? Well, this question might not be in a dire need of an answer because religion is on a never seen before decline nowadays.

We can all agree that peace, love, compassion and mindfulness are core concepts which we should all embrace but enforcing them through fear of going to some blood-freezing alternate dimension of torture and suffering might not be the way. And it’s certainly not the way for the countries we are about to look at now.

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