The 10 Most Religious Countries in the World Keeping the Faith

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Wondering which are the most religious countries in the world? Different religions around the world have always lived together; sometimes peacefully, sometimes not quite so peacefully.  Moreover, as globalization spreads, and people of various backgrounds and faiths take up residence in different countries, there is the greater threat of conflicting religions, but also a greater chance for dialog about religion and its role in modern society.

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Despite relatively high rates of belief in God globally, less than half of the world population places much importance on religion in their lives. Secularization has been a strong force, and the global atheist population has grown largely over the past decades, especially considering the increasing relevance of science, technology and technical developments, which have certainly drawn back the traditional beliefs.

Religion has come to be, in many western countries, a private issue, and a matter of personal interest. Each state has abandoned the concern about theological matters, leaving these issues to every person’s own interests. Yet, this doesn’t mean that people have stopped being religious. Moreover, over the past years, we’ve witnessed a lot of people turning to religion, seeking peace and enlightenment. Some countries still have religious constitutions, with populations encouraged to seek solace in its faith.

Sometimes, the level of religiousness of a certain country is related with its overall development, taking into account economic progress, education and infrastructure. Yet, developed countries are not always the wealthiest in the world, or the most secular,and some are in fact some of the most religious countries in the world still. Taking a look at our list of The 20 Wealthiest Countries In 2013, we can see some nations have reached wealth because of their mineral resources, their investments in industry and technology, or because of their touristic appeal. According to each country’s GDP (gross domestic product), we are able to evaluate performance and growth.

Furthermore, countries have diverse traditions. While some have received a large amount of immigrants, mixing cultures, others have kept strong in their traditional beliefs, customs and mores almost without change throughout the years.  And of course, some countries are more religious than others. It is important to note that, although the greater part of these countries’ population is religious, this doesn’t mean the nation, as a whole, expresses a determined faith.

So, which countries are considered to be the most religious in the world? Take a look at the list we have compiled, featuring the top ten most religious countries in the world to find out!

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