11 Countries That Consume the Most Fish

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We did some research on eating habits around the world and created a new list for you – 11 Countries That Consume the Most Fish. The health benefits of consuming fish are  well-known; the world is getting more educated and aware, placing fish on the dining table more often.

Fish contains vitamins, proteins, healthy fatty acids and minerals, which boost health both mentally and physically. Fish is delicious, there are hundreds of thousands of recipes and unique meals prepared with it. How much fish do you eat?

Fish for the dinner

The fish industry is worth around $200 billion annually, and its share is near 18% of the global meat market. Governments around the world recommend eating fish at least twice a week, and global statistic show that people don’t follow the recommendations much, despite this effort. Fish is consumed worldwide in many ways, and nothing supplements fish meal like a glass of good wine. Take a look at 11 Countries That Consume the Most Alcohol and see how well and where this combination performs.

Fish and seafood are a healthier alternative to the traditional meat, and they are also very tasty. Consuming fish instead of pork can lower your cholesterol levels in few weeks. Since the benefits of this diet are known well, let’s see which countries perform best on our list, and have better and healthier people.

11. Italy

Shoe-shaped European peninsula famous by soccer, great architectural monuments, pizza and pasta, and beautiful Venice is surrounded by Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea. Therefore, the traditional Italian diet contains seafood, with fish and crabs eaten the most in this country. Consumption of fish by single person a year in Italy is around 63 lbs.

Italia Fish consume

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