11 Countries That Consume the Most Fast Food

Fast food – both a gift and curse for the 11 countries that consume the most fast food. It’s readily available, it’s mostly utterly delicious and most importantly – very convenient. Fast food is the bane of proper eating and healthy lifestyle. Given that it is predominantly provided by major chains who have been known for their harmful or low-quality products and ingredients, fast food is not exactly what food should be about. However, with more and more people leading lives which barely allow them time to grab a snack, left alone cook for hours at a time, fast food is spreading like a wildfire. You don’t need a table, you don’t need to sit down or even stop going at all. You don’t need to get out of your car and sometimes you don’t even need to make any human-to-human interaction. Fast food goes from your hands to your stomach in the blink of an eye, only to be followed by more in most cases.

However, its high-calorie, strongly unhealthy deliciousness can quickly lead to not only gaining weight but also a more miserable life. Lots of people underestimate just what a great portion of their physical and emotional (you read that right) problems can be ironed out by a good, balanced diet. Fast food has no place in such a diet, but for many of us, the pace of living might not allow us to go through with this plan. And let’s be honest – we all like a fat, juicy burger or a hotdog. They’re delicious and they are made to be delicious on purpose – they sell better that way. While you should in no way ever force yourself to never even think about it, fast food consumption should be reduced to a minimum so you don’t get to suffer from any side effects different than the horrible noises your stomach could make.

Even so, you shouldn’t get it wrong – eating fast food won’t make your arms fall off and grind your life to a slow, painful death. Take a look at the list of the 10 fattest countries in the world and see for yourself how most of them don’t match the countries on this list. As long as you do more good than harm to yourself, you should be good to go.