11 Common Ethnic Stereotypes That Are Actually True

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Did stereotype about Canadians always apologizing made it in 11 common ethnic stereotypes that are actually true? You will have to stay tuned and find out.

Ethnic stereotypes are there probably since the first ethnic groups came across each other. Ethnic stereotypes are commonly centered on culture, society and characteristics of given ethnic group or nationality. These kinds of ethnic stereotypes are portrayed through ethnic jokes. While some of the ethnicity embraced their stereotypes and jokes about them, other find it offensive and they are often a trigger for heated discussions. If you like the heat, consider moving to one of 11 Countries With The Hottest Summers on Earth.

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Ethnic stereotypes are usually generalizing, and they are in most cases well wrong. Many stereotypes started as jokes, and later everyone stopped getting the joke and thought it was the truth. But what is with that small percentage of stereotypes that are actually true? We dug in and found 11 common ethnic stereotypes that are actually true, so you don’t have to. Of course, when we talk about the truthiness of a stereotype, we take into consideration that the stereotype doesn’t apply to every member of some ethnic group, just that there is a large number of members that fit the description.

We began our search for the true ethnic stereotypes on the internet including National stereotype that gathered all the stereotypes in one place. We searched for most common ethnic stereotypes, and then looked is there some truth in them. It turned out, that in fact, some truth hides there. Check out what we found out. For every ethnic stereotype we have included the insider source so you can determine for yourself is there enough evidence for the truth.

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