11 Common English Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers

The English language is not so easy to learn, especially when you come from an entirely different language area — that’s why we made a list of 11 common English mistakes made by Chinese speakers.

Chinese speakers are aware of the problems they have with their English pronunciation and grammar. The reasons for this are many, starting with the fact that Chinese and English are different structurally. When we speak about pronunciation, one of the big difference between these two languages is that Chinese is tonal. That means that Chinese has different dialects that use accents just to differentiate words. In English, we use intonation for grammar and expression of feelings, but the same Chinese word in a different tone could mean “cow” instead of “mother.”

11 Common English Mistakes Made by Chinese Speakers


Chinese speakers can have problems understanding what an English speaker is feeling. Fluency is also one of the most typical problems that Chinese students have while learning English. By knowing their mistakes and the reasons for making them, Chinese pupils will be able to learn with less effort. It is similar to the Japanese speakers that also have several problems while learning English and you can discover more about their English mistakes in our list of 11 most common English mistakes made by Japanese speakers.

The most common problem with speakers from Asia is that they are translating English to their native language, what we all can agree is not easy. The main reason for making our list of the 11 most common English mistakes made by Chinese speakers is to help the learners overcome them and learn English faster. To make our list that will help Chinese students to use the language better, we consulted some papers on the subject, several websites and blogs. Some of the sources we have used were Italki, Pgbovine, and Quora so that we can have the best and the most objective research.

If you want to improve your language by just checking some of the common mistakes that Chinese speakers are making, this is the list to make your English level better.