11 Cities with The Most Millionaires Per Capita

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If you ever wondered where to go and find yourself a millionaire, you will know where to look, after checking out our new list, 11 Cities With The Most Millionaires Per Capita. We prepared for you the cities with the highest percentage of millionaires, or simply cities with the highest millionaire density. Over half of the ones we listed here are European cities, with one North American and two Asian. You can look at our list of top 10 richest cities in the world as well. There are no African or Central American cities on the list.

When you think “millionaire” someone like John. D. Rockefeller might come to mind, but the truth is, most American millionaires look more like your average neighbor. The country with the most millionaire households are of course the United States, and the city with the most number of millionaires is Tokyo, Japan. So, if you are ready, let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we?

11. Hong Kong

We are not sure how long this city will remain on this list, but for now, it is in 11th place, with 187 000 millionaires living there. With a millionaire density of 2.58% it is a great place for people to become millionaires. But the bad news is that many of the rich people plan to leave Hong Kong, about one in 10 citizens. According to a number of surveys, the greater the net worth, the greater the desire is to leave the city.

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