11 Celebrities Who Left Scientology

Every other day we get to hear news about some celebrity joining scientology but somehow there is little noise about the celebrities who left Scientology. Yes, there are a ton of them who have jumped off the bandwagon!

Created by American author L Ron Hubbard, it is a religion that is known to sit well with the celebs. The beliefs are based on the principle of humans essentially being immortal and oblivious to their true nature. So why does it have the celebrities interested, you might be wondering? Apparently it is because of its glorifying  individualistic inclinations as it promotes individual identity. It adds a spiritual connection to wealth and fame.

360b / Shutterstock.com

360b / Shutterstock.com

The Church of Scientology has over the years been successful in recruiting quite a number of notable celebrities to endorse Scientology. Celebrities Who Believe in Scientology include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis and Kelly Preston who have come to be known as staunch followers. And, the Church even has special ‘celebrity centers’ and departments for organizing celebrity events. It has admittedly put policies in place to solicit celebrities which in turn would help to garner the attention from the public at large.

However, the religion is no stranger to controversies. The Church has been criticized over and again for its practices which have been said to border on brainwashing and even defrauding of members. Not to mention, its critics have borne the brunt in form of lawsuits and character assassinations. And, then along the way, it has lost some notable members as listed in our list of celebrities who left Scientology. So, here are those celebrities who weren’t afraid of calling it quits on one of the most controversial new religions of our times.

11. Nicole Kidman,

After her divorce with Tom Cruise, who is a staunch believer, Nicole Kidman thought better of it to leave! However, the tabloids have been flooded with rumors of things taking an ugly turn with the Church trying to turn Nicole’s kids against her and also tagging her as a ‘Suppressive Person’.