11 Busiest Airports in America

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For the well-researched frequent traveler, the 11 busiest airports in America should be on the must-know list. America not only has some of the biggest business hubs in the world but also a many major tourist destinations. It is, therefore, no rocket science to deduce that the number of passengers traveling in, out and around the country should be huge in numbers. And, sooner or later every traveler, be it for business trips or leisurely explorations, finds themselves getting aboard to set to the country of many possibilities.

The footfall in some these busiest airports in America run into crazy numbers and, over the years, have shown no signs of decrease. Instead, the airport authorities are striving to increase their operations to cater to an even larger passenger numbers, in anticipation of a further rise. Some of them are also on the top of the list when considering the world airport traffic. Quite obviously, the reason for the heavy traffic is because these airports cater to some of the major and most popular cities in the country, including New York and LA. Also, they are one of the most modernized ones with superior customer service in most cases. When taken as a hub they tackle at least 1% of the total USA passenger enplanements.


If staying away from the hustle is one of your biggest traveling priorities this list will help you sort out your US trip perfectly. You could also consider planning your trip by taking into account the nearby, much less crowded, airports catering to the same cities. But if the energy of big airports and orderly crowds thrills you should also look through the 10 Biggest Airports in the World along with this list.

For the sake of this list, we are considering the busiest airports in America in terms of total passenger traffic. You may find that some of the top ones aren’t the ones getting the most number of international travelers but, local passengers traveling between cities. So if insane crowds and lengthy queues do not seem to bother you, landing in one of these airports could actually be an interesting experience. Here’s the list:

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