11 Biggest Wind Farms in the World

Cleaner energy is definitely being promoted in these 11 biggest wind farms in the world. Because of how dangerous some other sources of energy can be. The demand for better energy sources increased. Structures like power plants, factories and nuclear energy centers caused a lot of environmental problems. They created waste and a lot of pollution. Because of this, the world has been slowly exploring the options for natural energy. We’ve recently had a lot of development in terms of solar, hydro and geothermal energy. In recent years, the demand for wind energy and wind farms has been increasing.

Biggest Wind Farms in the World


Wind energy is definitely a good source of power as it does not threaten the environment. It uses wind in such a way that it does not disturb the flow but instead uses it. The countries that have applied this technology have definitely benefitted with a greener and cleaner environment. You’ll find that most of the locations of these wind farms are among the 10 Greenest Countries in the World. Wind farms can occupy the biggest land areas in the world. It takes a lot of structures to acquire energy from the wind.

These farms are listed based on how big they are and how much energy they produce. Interestingly, most of these wind farms are in the United States. There are other countries that have broken through and have promoted this alternative source of energy. Let’s find out more as we explore the 11 biggest wind farms in the world:

11. Sweetwater Wind Farm

Located in Sweetwater, Texas, this wind farm is responsible for a good amount of energy used by the state. This wind farm is so huge that it took five stages of development and construction. There are almost 400 wind turbines working at the farm and provide different amounts of energy. They were also supplied by different manufacturers.

Biggest Wind Farms in the World