11 Biggest Royal Scandals of All Time

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Today we explore some shocking incidents as we take a look at 11 biggest royal scandals of all time. For the sake of clarity, we decided to focus on royal scandals since the 1900s only. Otherwise, it would be hard to imagine anything else on the top of the list except Henry VIII (and probably few other spots as well.)

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Ranking royal scandals turned out harder than expected. How do you compare someone’s hidden foot fetish with an abdication that changed the course of history? After extensive research (we spent more time on some topics, like Kate Middleton’s topless photos, in the name of writing an objective and impartial article), we settled on 11 biggest royal scandals that got the most mentions on the Internet. In order to rank them, we devised a system based on consequences each scandal had on the royal family and their reputation. The categories are as follows: mildly embarrassing / embarrassing, mildly damaging / damaging / extremely damaging, and history changing, when the whole world felt the consequences of a royal blunder.  Some of you may argue that our system is somewhat subjective, and to a certain extent, it may be. Chime in the comments section and let us know if you agree with our assessment or if you feel we undeservedly left your favorite shocking royal scandal out.

If you really enjoy reading about famous scandals, don’t miss our article on Biggest political scandals of all time as well. Without further ado we present you today’s list of the biggest royal embarrassments.

11. Foot fetish for a Duchess

Consequences: Mildly embarrassing

Technically speaking, perhaps it wasn’t a foot fetish on the part of John Bryan. Perhaps he was just reliving the ancient custom of subjects kissing their ruler (and their family members) feet. Whatever the reason was, the picture of a Texas businessman with topless Duchess Sarah’s feet lodged in his mouth was a final nail in the coffin of her marriage with Prince Andrew, Queen Elisabeth’s second son. There was no coming back for Fergie after that, already in hot water with Queen Lizzy. It seems that Fergie’s luck in love hasn’t changed much over the years, with the latest news of her failed relationship with Manuel Fernandez.

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