11 Biggest Political Scandals of All Time

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What are the biggest political scandals of all time?

People easily become drunk with power. With money, as well – as soon as they get a taste, they become obsessed, and that makes them sometimes act like addicts who would do almost anything to get the drug they need. They always want more, more money, more power, more prestige, more fame, more material and less spiritual things. Scandals and affairs don’t happen only in politics, but also in sports, arts, everywhere where there is some sort of competition. You might want to read our article on biggest Olympic scandals of all time, and compare it with this article to see how affairs and scandals differ in politics and in sports.

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In order to create this list of biggest political scandals of all time, we’ve turned to other similar lists coming from the Rolling Stone, Politics Top 5, the King Maker, and List 25. We’ve assigned points to every affair and scandal based on the position on each of these lists, and summed them all into our Popularity Score. How else could we measure the size of one scandal, than by its popularity in media? Those affairs that have the same number of points share their spots on this list. So, what affair do you expect to see here? Some of them like Clinton and Lewinsky, or the Iran-Contra affair, are no surprise, but we are sure you are not familiar with all of them even though they are big.

Let’s start with the countdown!

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