11 Biggest Natural Gas Companies in the World

The 11 biggest natural gas companies in the world are the ones catering to the ever growing gas needs of the world. Simply put, natural gas is a form of fossil fuel and is a non-renewable source of energy. The world, right now, can do with all the energy it has available to it. Even though our technologies are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day, we are still extremely dependent on energy for all our day to day activities. Research is being directed towards discovery of alternate sources of energy and increased use of renewable energy, but non-renewable sources like natural gas are still one of the major contributors of all our energy needs.

Natural gas is extensively put to use in cooking and electricity generation. Stovetops that dispense natural gas are most commonly used for domestic cooking. However, natural gas has a host of other uses in the manufacture of fertilizers, plastics, fabrics and other products, the demand for which is ever-increasing. And, the depletion of the sources is a major concern of the industry. The U.S production in natural gas is said to have reached a peak in 1973.



The biggest natural gas companies in the world also have the access to the largest resources. Some sources consider the largest reserves to be located in Russia while others argue that they are in Iran. Considering our list, some of the major players of the natural gas industry are based in these very countries. Gazprom in Russia which appears in the 10th position of our list is often considered to be the largest extractor in the industry.

Related industries include the oil industry and it is as important in terms of meeting the energy needs of the world. Do also check our other list of the 11 Biggest Oil Companies in the World to find out who the major player are in the oil industry.

Coming to the list we have at hand today, we have ranked the biggest natural gas companies by the revenues they generate. However, the scales they operate at are equally massive. Here’s the list!