11 Biggest Hypocrites in American Politics

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A warning notice: if you’ve been advised by your doctor not to get upset over reading political hypocrisy examples, you’d better steer clear of this list of 11 biggest hypocrites in American politics!

“All politicians are hypocrites” — this is usually what people say when they wish to justify the fact they’re not voting or paying attention to who’s ruling their country. Or it doesn’t have to be the whole country, but just one small part of it. Local elections — that’s where it all starts, and if you turn your head away from such events, you don’t get the right to complain. You can only complain about what or who you have chosen. But with so many shining examples of hypocrisy out there, how can you trust the system anyway? Hmm, if that is true, how many hypocrites and specific situations can you name to prove they’re lying to you and the whole nation? Let go of the most prominent political personality for now and think harder. Can you name some examples of hypocrisy in today’s society and politics and stand firmly behind your words with concrete evidence? Didn’t think so. That’s the reason why we chose to deal with hypocrisy in American politics and give you on the spot, real and approved facts of the US politicians’ hypocrisy.

Biggest Hypocrites in American Politics


Political hypocrisy definition would probably go something like this: “a politician’s feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; behavior that contradicts what a politician claims to believe or feel” (based on Merriam-Webster’s definition). The reason why so many people rage about political hypocrites is that they have a huge impact on our lives. If you choose wrongly, you have to put up with that leader for his or her whole mandate. Fortunately, there are some examples on our list in which the discrepancy between public and personal opinion was so great that the person had to resign and retreat from politics. Unfortunately, there are a lot more of others whose sudden changes in attitudes didn’t cause any turbulence in their political life.

We were trying to find the biggest hypocrite for 2017, but it was too hard a decision. For that reason, we had to leave the list random. Is voting pro-life while advising your wife and mistress to discontinue their pregnancies worse than sending out missiles to kill a number of people abroad, even though you were originally against it? We can’t really be judges of human lives if we are to be impersonal. Interestingly enough, even though everyone around you is reciting political hypocrisy quotes, there’s a small number of papers and websites that dare to pinpoint the liars and represent them as hypocrites. With so many politicians in the US one would expect the internet to be swarming with examples of wrongdoings. On the contrary, the information is scarce.

But we have it! We collected the data from NolaSitesUS NewsJewish AtheistDeath and Taxes, The Street and Reason. If you’re keen on reading about criminals in politics, we also offer you an article about 10 most corrupt politicians in US history.

Now get ready to nod, raise your eyebrows, or even curse because here are 11 biggest hypocrites in American politics!

11. Donald Trump

Admit it, the current president of the United Stated was the first name that popped into your mind! And why wouldn’t it? Wherever you turn, people are mentioning his name, and not for very glorious reasons. On the contrary. With so many arguments, protests and stories, it seems a bit odd that he is still the president. Sometimes the stories are just that: plain gossips. However, there is one scandal that we can account for. His 2017 intervention in which he sent 50 tomahawk missiles to the Syrian airbase is in serious opposition to his claims of non interventionism during the elections. Naturally, the Democrats are criticizing his shift of opinion, while Trump supporters have changed their attitudes overnight, too. Trump justified himself for not being able to be just an observer due to the chemical weapons attack in Syria in which even children were harmed.

Biggest Hypocrites in American Politics

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