11 Biggest Food Companies in the World

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The thing worth noticing, when we talk about 11 Biggest Food Companies in the World, is the fact that food production and agriculture industry, which are closely linked with one another, employ around 1 billion people. This number represents one-third of the global employment. Here it is also important to bring into your notice that while the industry is pretty big itself the main control is in the hands of a few giant companies. That is actually the case in every industry. These giant food companies are so powerful that they somehow control the diets of everyone around the world through their rules, regulations and policies.

It is really amazing how the world’s population is dependent upon these companies for their own choices of food. These companies control everything from our food choices or varieties to supplier terms and availability of products.

What makes these companies the top 11 is not just a single factor but a combination. Figures of revenues, profits and assets of some of these companies are bound to surprise you. Do you know that the largest of these companies had a profit of $11 billion in 2013? Yes, you heard it right – it’s $11 billion. Another company on this list had a total workforce of around 333,000 people – that’s more than Microsoft, Apple and eBay combined.


Almost all of these companies spend huge amounts when it comes to advertising and marketing, which is the reason why they are pretty famous around the entire world. Unilever, one of the companies in this list, is also one of the biggest spenders in marketing. It is hard to believe but this giant food company, operating all around the world had spent more than $7 billion on advertising and marketing in 2012.

With such high scale of operation, the environmental impact these companies carry with them is also worth mentioning. However, these companies have not dealt with anything serious yet but issues like irregularities with suppliers and third party contractors, child labor and other such problems have always been on the table for them. If you’re reading this post you maybe also interested in a similar topic and want to check out our list of The Ten most Popular Fast Food Chains in America. For now, let’s quickly get down to our 11 biggest food companies in the world.

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