11 Biggest Fitness Chains in America

The business of fitness in America is blooming, so today we give you 11 Biggest Fitness Chains in America. In this list, we present you some of the strongest brands in the fitness industry. You’ll find out which one suits your style and budget the best.

Wait, do you even exercise?

Biggest Fitness Chains in America


Nowadays, it is mandatory to have some basic skills and understanding of fitness. It’s good for your health, you’ll look better, you’ll feel better. You’ll shed those few pounds off. Seriously, if you’re not into working out, you should definitely consider doing some kind of physical exercise or sport, because of your health, and overall body condition.

Today’s list of biggest fitness chains will help you choose, and get some knowledge where to go, and maybe even demystify big fitness centers and put you into more comfortable position, if you’re not feeling comfortable getting a membership of the big and fancy gym.

Big and fancy gym doesn’t necessary have to be expensive. We did some research on that, and listed 7 most expensive gyms in America for you, and with that list you’ll know where you’ll have to pay a weighty amount.

Today is a different story; we’re listing 10 biggest fitness chains in America, the brands that expanded a lot in their success, the brands that earned the trust and loyalty of many people. Those are the places where you won’t go wrong joining in. Let’s look at them.

11. David Barton Gym

First to mention on our list is David Barton Gym franchise. Relatively small but innovative; quality approach to fitness & wellness definitely differentiate the franchise. For the $125 a month you’ll be a part of a beautifully designed and great functioning environment. Multiple interesting programs inspire and keep you entertained while burning calories, and “high quality” is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about this brand.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America


10. MVP Sports Clubs

Sport facility of dreams. That’s how MVP Sports Clubs can be described easy and fast. This franchise is definitely earning a place on the list for the sheer size of the objects, and a huge array of services the company offers. This is a place where you’ll never wait for a workout machine to get free.  The Orlando Magic basketball team trains here – isn’t this a notable fact about this place?

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

9. Wellbridge

Spread throughout the country in many cities across the US, Wellbridge earns noteworthy ninth place today. Numerous programs, and group activities, interesting events and highly equipped gyms of Wellbridge allure loads of people who like to get, or stay in shape. A membership in Wellbridge will get you many useful commodities if you’re traveling, or buying supplements, equipment, clothes, etc.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

8. The Sports Club

This is a chain of highly exclusive gyms in California and New York. This is the place to join in if you’re up to workout alongside some of the popular celebrities. This method can actually work great to your efficiency, since you’ll want to look the best you can in front of somebody famous. Alongside California and NY, The Sports Club facilities can be found in Boston, Washington, and Miami.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

7. Equinox

Often mentioned and referred as the best-equipped and most advanced fitness franchise, Equinox is a notable place on our list; if the quality and range of services would be the subject of our list, Equinox would rank much better, that’s a true fact. World-class functionality, unique and highest quality programs, the best equipment in fitness today and highest skilled staff are some of the reasons you might want to go check out Equinox. And you have 48 location nationwide to choose from.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

6. Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is a big franchise, operating in the 114 objects around the US. The state of the art facilities provide exceptional service, and each and every one of them is identical in the level of quality provided for the customers.

You can have a great post-workout meal here as well; Lifecafe is the brand that can suit your needs. You can prepare and increase you athletic abilities and strengths here, no matter which sport you like; every individual and team sport is covered by training programs.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

5. Crunch Fitness

The main slogan that Crunch Fitness offers you is “Making working out fun”. No matter what’s your choice for working out, in Crunch Fitness you can have quality training. You can join some of the interesting and fun unique programs, like pole dancing (!) and many more. 114 objects with great equipment and professional staff will make sure to provide the best value for your invested money.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

4. 24 Hour Fitness

The name says it all. No matter when you want to work out, the facilities of 24 Hour Fitness are open, and available for you to burn calories, have a great stretching session, or improve your game using some of the advanced programs available. Affordable prices start from $30 a month, and availability, and widespread 400 locations throughout the US make this fitness chain a worthy choice, and scores a notable fourth position among the biggest fitness chains in America.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

3. Gold’s Gym

This is the only gym chain on the list that can be classified as a gym focused on weight lifting and bodybuilding. “The Mecca of Bodybuilding” spread across the country from the basic gym enthusiast’s refuge to highest and most competitive bodybuilding franchise in the world. There is no bigger weightlifting gym in the world than Gold’s Gym. More than 600 locations worldwide establish Gold’s Gym into our list of biggest fitness chains in America. Monthly membership starts from $30.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

2. Anytime Fitness

If you want to train during the night, or at any time during the 24-hour period, the Anytime Fitness is your place; objects under this franchise work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is the biggest asset of the huge company, operating over 2175 clubs in North America, and 718 across the globe.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America

1. YMCA Fitness

YMCA Fitness is not luxurious, but it is very affordable and well organized.The fitness chain of YMCA contains more than 10,000 objects nationwide, easy beating the competition in today’s list of 10 biggest fitness chains in America. Fun and educational programs, long tradition, and the Christian way of interacting with others are the main principles of the organization. YMCA offers the sense of community, which many chains on this list can’t give you the same way YMCA can.

Biggest Fitness Chains in America