7 Most Expensive Gyms in America

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Get toned in luxury and style visiting these 7 most expensive gyms in America. Living in the modern world, we don’t experience as much physical labor or work comparing to how things were decades ago. Even during ancient times where things needed to be mostly done by hand, people had good physical appearance as a result of the demands of their work. Now gyms are the way to go when it comes to building muscle and developing a body sought after by many. The gyms included in this list will probably give you your money’s worth with the best equipment and perks compared to any other gym in America.

Whether you’re an athlete or just a fitness conscious person, the gym is definitely a good place to focus and workout. Even athletes from different sports admit to using and developing in the gym when they’re not honing their craft. You can even say that some of the customers of these highly expensive gyms fancy sports like golf and visit the 11 Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World. High membership fees are usually due to high-quality facilities and equipment. Other people seek exclusivity which is what some of these places offer.

If you’re willing to invest a large amount of your money to fitness then these places may be the ones to consider. These gyms are ranked based on how much you’d spend on a year of frequenting the gym. Let’s find out more about these 7 most expensive gyms in America:

7. La Palestra

New York is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world and this gym lives up to that expectation with an average of $8,000 per year of membership costs. This gym is found beneath the famous Plaza hotel and is well designed and spacious. The gym employs a medical approach, offering services by nutritionists, physical therapists, internists and even psychologists aside from your regular physical regiment.

Most Expensive Gyms in America

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