11 Biggest Facebook Advertisers in 2015

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Let’s check out where Facebook got a lot of their income this year with this list of 11 biggest Facebook advertisers in 2015. There’s no doubt that Facebook has become one of the best platforms for advertising today. The most popular social media website and an application has the most active users compared to any other website. It also has one of the widest reaches with members spanning the entire globe. You can bet that any investment in advertising will have a good amount of reach if done on Facebook. The numbers speak for themselves as the biggest Facebook advertisers for this year are companies we certainly can’t ignore.

Facebook has reached a very high income from advertising alone and many companies have tried to emulate that kind of success. These companies won’t probably reach high numbers like the ones Facebook has already established. You’ll see just how many accounts are active based on the number of groups and organisations on Facebook. Some examples are on the list of 11 Biggest Facebook Groups in 2015. Advertising continues to be the best investment for a company wanting to get noticed and wanting to get a bigger market.

What advertisers do you expect to see in this list of big spenders? You may or may not notice them scrolling down your news feed or on the side lines. Some of the companies listed here are well known and may have already made a good impression on many. Let’s find out as we start this list:

11. Coca-Cola

The global phenomenon that is Coca-Cola is the first to be mentioned in this list of advertisers. Their Facebook page has one of the highest numbers of likes and is considered to be the top-liked brand on Facebook. Given the popularity of Coke, it’s no surprise that they spend a lot to maintain their brand image.

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