11 Biggest Etsy Money Makers

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 So today we are discussing Etsy and the biggest Etsy money makers. Since its inception in 2005, Etsy has created an effective link between the craft community buyers and sellers. It has given birth to many an entrepreneur and buyers have found unique items to suit their tastes which wouldn’t be available in conventional marketplaces or online shops elsewhere. And, over the years it has built a strong online community of people who appreciate art and craft.

Etsy has been home to all kinds of independent sellers who have launched and developed their businesses in the online marketplace. And, with most of the items on sale being handmade it was a breath of fresh air among the clutter of manufactured merchandise. Craftspeople found a space to promote and sell their items and that turned many into overnight entrepreneurs and some made a small fortune of their own. But, who are the ones who are making waves with their sales numbers? We are going to find that out in the following list. And, if you are still wondering what kind of items are sold on the site, take a look at the 10 Best Selling Items on Etsy which will give you a clear idea of it.


For the purpose of the list we are sticking to the handmade category sellers with the highest sales numbers only. Of course, when looking at sales figures the list of biggest Etsy money makers might look entirely different. That is because the average prices vary across all this shops which greatly affect the monthly revenue in dollars. However, the sheer number of sales itself are so huge for these sellers that they clearly are the biggest profit makers on the site.

There is, however, fierce competition for sales performance and the list does keep changing sooner than we think. So much so that, some of last year’s top sellers like Simple Shapes are nowhere to be seen on the list this year. Plus, with the brand being faced with issues with counterfeit goods on the site lately, some sellers are also shifting base to other sites.  But, here’s to hoping that the site will kick back in action with full gusto soon and keep bringing unique items to the craft lovers of the world. As for these best seller let’s hope they keep their sales streak up!

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