11 Best Surgical Hospitals in the World

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If you’re planning on getting surgical treatment overseas or in a neighboring country, you better check out one of these 11 best surgical hospitals in the world.

Medical Tourism has been around for a long time, probably since the first hospital was ever created. Initially, it was a way for people in poorly developed countries to access a higher quality in medical treatment, but given the rise in medical costs over the past decades, an inverse process started arising, through which people in First World countries travel to cheaper destinations in order to get lower costs on all kinds of treatment.

Best Surgical Hospitals in the World

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Reasons for medical tourist to travel abroad can go beyond prices, and include a search for treatments that may not be legally allowed in their native homelands.

Even though the size of a hospital does not ensure its medical quality, be sure to check out our previous list on the 11 biggest hospitals in the world, to get a more profound look on the topic.

Our main source for putting together this list was the Web Ranking of World Hospitals provided by Spain’s High Council for Scientific Research. We looked up which of the top hospitals listed on that ranking have an outstanding quality in surgical procedures, and we checked that list against Medical Travel Quality Alliance’s own list of the world’s best hospitals for medical tourists. Finally, we compared those results with Forbes’s report on the Globe’s best hospitals to give you our take on the subject.

Given the fact that 9 out of ten of the world’s best ranking hospitals are within the US, we opted to choose the best surgical hospital of the first 11 countries, in order to also make this article on the 11 best surgical hospitals in the world, also useful for American Citizens looking for surgical treatment abroad.

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