11 Best Summer Camps to Work at

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If you are energetic and love working with kids and teenagers, you should definitely apply for one of the best summer camps to work at we have prepared for you.

It is quite common for college students to work in summer camps, but some make a career out of it, too. Surely, there is the breath-taking nature and working with children and teens is amazingly rewarding, but let us not forget the reason we are all here for – the money. After all, this article is about the best camps to work at, not send your children away so you could survive the summer holiday. When it comes to the money matters, it all depends on what kind of position you are thinking of applying for. American Camp Association can give you a few ideas what to pay attention to when it comes to income and benefits. You can find data on average salaries for different jobs at the campus. Nevertheless, there is no information on how much a specific camp will pay you. If you want to find that out, you will just have to apply for one of them and use the guidelines ACA had provided for you. Generally, the camps keep the salary range to themselves and you can find out only if you apply. Of course, the earnings depend on the position you are applying for.

Best Summer Camps to Work at

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So how did we construct our list if we couldn’t unveil all the salaries? Well, we used the following criteria. We tried to find the best possible camp in terms of prices and program recommendations. Basically, the best and most expensive camps are the best for the employees as well, not only the children. Of course, the salary may vary, but that isn’t the only criteria when choosing a job, is it? It must be emphasized that we chose this approach due to the specific nature of this job. We all know the most luxurious hotels don’t always pay the highest salary and give the best working conditions. However, camps are a different story for several reasons.

If a camp provides the best conditions for the children, it provides the best for the instructors or other employees, too. The principle is simple due to the fact the children and camp employees are living and cooperating in the same area and sharing many facilities. It is quite common that you would be sleeping in the same cabin with the children. Secondly, the most expensive camps are fully aware of the value of the instructors and that they are the ones who are a deciding factor whether children will come back next year, too. Anyone can offer a good accommodation and outside activities, but it is counselors and good organization that make everything work.

We started our research with the most recent information on quality camps and their prices at Town and Country. Next, we did some more digging to see if other sites recommend them, too. Therefore, the higher positions on our list are occupied by camps which were approved by our three most reliable advisers: Town and Country, Business Insider and Top Education Degrees. The lower positions on our lists are for camps that our two sources agreed on, and they are listed according to their prices from the Town and Country.

Most importantly, this article is all about working in the camps, so you can find what the camps have to offer to potential applicants. Usually, the information camps provide about the job are scarce and they basically want you to apply in order to find out more. To make your life easier, we searched their websites and included the most significant information we could find.

The camps in question are all based in the USA considering its long summer camp history in comparison to other countries. If that sounds too small for you in area or figures, check out the Best Summer Camps in the World article. In the meantime, here are the best summer camps to work at.

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