11 Best Selling Smartphones in UK

Smartphone lovers share their passion throughout the world, and our new list, 11 best-selling smartphones in UK, will show you the trends in the smartphone market in the UK. Today we’ve explored which smartphone models are the most popular in the UK. When you compare this list with  10 top selling smartphones in the world, you will notice some differences.


Smartphone manufacturers that emerge from different markets must think well before engaging in the UK market, because Brits are not interested in some brands at all, no matter what a company offers. On the other hand, some brands go particularly well. Let’s see which are the best-selling smartphones in the UK.

11. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge

The new model from Galaxy Note series brought notable design innovation – the edge of the screen is curved, and it adds useful information and functionality. Alongside this innovation, great specs, and excellent battery optimization make this phone a popular choice in the UK. Deals are starting from £49,99 for unlimited calls and texts, and variations of data packages; and, there is additional £9,99 for a device.

Valentin Valkov / Shutterstock.com

Valentin Valkov / Shutterstock.com