11 Best Places to Visit in USA for 3 Days

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One of the best things about the start of the New Year is the fresh set of vacation leaves we get from work so to help you plan ahead here are the 11 best places to visit in the USA for 3 days. Whether it’s a long weekend or just a quick getaway from a busy work week, it’s important to make time for some R&R.

According to a study done by Canadian researchers Wallace and Joudrey, taking vacations and active leisure pursuits help relieve job-related stress. There are many places to visit in the US that you probably never knew existed or never considered as a place for recreation! You may not believe it you have a lot of choices at your disposal. In fact, we even had a list of 11 best places in the USA for singles.

park, mountain, tree, national, rocks, rocky, deep, lake, dark, skies, pine, still, shoreline, cool, colors, blue, rich, water, reflections,11 Best Places to Visit in USA for 3 Days

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For this roster, we curated it from the weekend getaway recommendations of the New York Times, Travel Channel, Southern Living, Forbes, US News, and ABC News. We looked at the destinations that repeatedly appeared in those lists and ranked them accordingly. We had to use more references than usual as rosters like these feature a variety of unique options and only a handful of places repeat in other lists. So this means that if a certain place is common to two or three of these lists, it really is worth checking out. The more frequent the place appears on any of these sites, the higher rank it’s given.

Are you ready to start plotting your vacation this year? Here are some of the best destinations you can visit in the country!

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