11 Best Paying Blue Collar Jobs in the US

Here’s a list of the best paying blue collar jobs in the US for those who are looking for a bright career out of office. Not all of us are cut-out for the nine-to-five white-collar jobs inside closed cabins dealing with endless paperwork. And, sometimes, getting a college degree is not always an option we can avail, with the fee structures always on the climb. But, contrary to popular belief, your career path might not always be set up for doom if you fail to bag those white-collar jobs.

Some manual jobs are quite high paying, even at par with administrative jobs. All you need is to learn the skills of the trade and chances are you will be earning some big bucks! The list has been compiled by considering the average annual salaries of the different blue collar jobs and the sheer number on some of those paychecks might really surprise you. With some of these jobs a person can earn as high as $70,000 or more in a year. And at a time when unemployment rates among graduates are soaring, it might be a reasonably good idea to look for alternate options.

 Best Paying Blue Collar Jobs in the US


On the other hand the demand in the blue collar sector is also quite high, and it is easier for aspirants to get employed. The vocational training generally required for these jobs to learn the necessary skills are relatively short term and generally less expensive. Hopefuls can well make a career in the field with ample opportunities for growth and earnings.

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Let’s dig into our list of the best paying blue collar jobs in the US and discover how impressive their salary figures can be!