11 Best Online Photo Storage Services

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If you want to backup your photos online but you don’t know where you are at the right place because we created a list of the best online photo storage services to ease your research.

Photo storage services are very useful because we can store our photos and videos online instead of filling our internal phone memory. This way not only our smartphone will work faster, but we can access our photos and videos from any device; smartphone, tablet or PC. Photo storage services turned out to be very useful when we lose our smartphone, tablet or computer as well because we can always backup our photos. Some photos and videos are priceless because you can buy a new smartphone, but you cannot buy a memory. The best part about the online photo storage services is that they don’t require from you to use a USB or any external drive.

Now, when we are talking about online photo storage services, being free isn’t the most important thing. Instead, there are a few things you should consider before you decide what online storage service to use. For instance, keeping the same photo quality is far more important because it is better to have ten high-quality photos instead of 100 blurry. Also, the easy-to-use and access interface is also very important because if it is hard to upload photos, you would probably start hunting for another storage service. Shareability for me personally isn’t that important compared to previously listed things, but in some situations, you would wish you had this option.

Many photographers are using a photo storage service because they are safe and this way they can be sure they will always have a backup of their work. If you find this profession exciting and adventurous and you happen to live in Queens or Brooklyn, you can always check our list of the Best Photography Classes in Queens and Brooklyn. But if you aren’t living in one of these two boroughs and you still want to visit a photography class, you can check our list of 6 Free Photography Classes in New York City.

Many of these online photo storage services have their applications that are automatically syncing with your smartphone. Some of them have the option to backup every photo or video you shoot automatically without bothering you to do it manually. This is an excellent way to save every memory, and it can be useful in a situation if you lose your smartphone as well. If the person who finds it decides to make a few selfies from himself/herself, you will be able to see who found it or who stole it within seconds.

In order to create our list of best online photo storage services, we used C-Net, Cloudwards and Tom’s Guide as our sources to see what are the best storage services. After we had collected the information from our sources, we took the storage services by the number of mentions, and with this, we compiled our list. However, to complete it we sorted it in ascending order by their number of mentions. Now without further ado, let’s start the countdown and see what are the best online photo storage services.

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