11 Best Debate Topics Related to Politics, Media and Business

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To end our series of articles about debate topics, we’re bringing you 11 best debate topics related to politics, media and business. And this perhaps is the most debatable out of all the controversial debate topics we’ve covered.

Politics, media and business are everywhere within our lives. We can’t help but encounter them and the questions that come with them daily. Politics have especially been full of debate topics since 2016’s presidential election and President Trump’s first year. Laws and politicians are constantly being debated among average Joe citizens, whether we have much of a say in them or not. Political debate topics are just something most people can’t resist sharing their opinion about.

In fact, you’ll probably have to fight back the urge to fire an audible answer right back at your computer when you read these questions. Some citizens are just so emphatic about their opinions on these topics.

11 Best Debate Topics Related to Politics, Media and Business


But media may be just as important as politics. As our source for all the newsworthy things happening lately, we depend on it more and more, perhaps more than we should. Not only do we like to debate about which news outlet is the most accurate, but we get infuriated at all the clickbait and angry at all of the bias. All while we can’t seem to stop consuming media in huge amounts every day. Especially when natural disasters like hurricanes threaten the very country and people we love.

Then there’s business, where we work everyday and spend our money. No one likes to find out that their favorite coffee shop doesn’t agree with their political beliefs, which is only one of the aspects of business conflict that we’ll cover in our article.

But there’s one word that can sum up all three of these powerhouse entities: corrupt. No matter how you look at it, there are many components of politics, media and business that just scream corruption. Perhaps that’s because of all the power they hold in influencing the world. We hate them with every fiber of our being, yet we can’t live without them. And they’re infiltrating our lives more and more daily whether we like it or not.

So we might as well know what we think about them. These are certainly debate topics for college students to educate themselves on, but also the rest of the world to learn about. Not just so you’ll have a few good argument topics up your sleeve for the next dinner party or family gathering, but so you can be aware of what’s going on in the world. Current debate topics are some of the most important to know about.

We utilized the New York Time’s Room For Debate section to construct our list, along with this list of fun debate topics from Debate Motions.

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Otherwise, here’s our list of 11 best debate topics related to politics, media and business. Happy arguing!

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