11 Best Debate Topics Related to Health and Fitness

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It wasn’t too difficult to come up with the best debate topics related to health and fitness. That’s because it’s a topic that no one can ever agree on. You’ll see what we mean when you read our controversial health and fitness topics.

The trick is, like with many things, to find out what works best for you. But some experts seem to impose what’s right for them on everyone else. That’s why health and fitness research topics like whether gluten is our friend or our enemy are so debatable. Why can’t everyone just do their own thing without putting that on others?

It seems a lot of the world’s controversy, not just controversial topics in health, would be fixed if they did.

Take salad, for instance. Most people would say it’s good for keeping slim, right? But here’s a Men’s Health article about “How Your Salad is Making You Fat.” And that’s only the beginning of the never ending debate on health and fitness.

11 Best Debate Topics Related to Health and Fitness


Here’s an article about “5 Reasons to Eat More Avocado,” and here’s another one about “Why You Need To Stop Eating Avocados Immediately.”

Want to know the scoop on running and controversial topics on kinesiology? Apparently, according to Tonic, “Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit,” while Shape lists “11 Science-Backed Reasons Running is Really Good For You.”

ADLFitness says to “Avoid Resistance Band Training,” while Stack advocates the “Many Benefits of Resistance Band Training.”

It seems in this case Neils Bohr was correct when he said “The opposite of a truth is also true.” But then, what in the world is true about fitness related topics, not to mention diet related topics? Opposite truths like this can be very frustrating and confusing. But like we said, the best way to find out may just be to follow your own intuition based on your personal experience. It’s a crazy world out there.

But it’s certainly amusing to research interesting exercise science topics as well as diet science topics. It seems there will never be an end to health and fitness topics to write about. But PDTC, Breaking Muscle, Fitness Backer and Reader’s Digest helped up come up with a few common ones that stand out. These same debatable questions appear in many of these articles, and when you read them they’ll no doubt sound familiar.

If you’re interested in more great debate topics, check out our list of 13 Current Debate Topics for Engineering Students. Otherwise, get ready. Here’s our list of the best debate topics related to health and fitness. Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comments!

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