11 Best Countries in Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is the future of the world, which means that these 11 best countries in renewable energy are way ahead of the rest of the planet.  Everyone knows fossil fuels not only harm the atmosphere but are non-renewable, that is to say, they are not permanent and will end some day. On the other hand, renewable energy refers to energy whose sources are permanent, or in layman terms the sources will never run out; examples of resources for renewable energy are the wind, water and sunlight.

Of course, as is true for any new technology, shifting from non-renewable to renewable energy has resulted in a lot of controversy, with many believing it will not be sufficient for the energy needs of the world, while others simply oppose it on the belief that establishing windmills and solar panels will affect the beauty of their area. We are sure that the 11 best countries in robotics faced some opposition as well.

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We tried to determine the countries which have already realized the potential of renewable energy and are doing their best to exploit it. While ‘best’ is a subjective term, we took it to mean a country which produces a considerable amount of electricity from renewable energy as well as a country whose electricity generation from renewable energy production is a large percentage of its total electricity production. We used multiple criteria in order to create a more objective ranking. For example, while China produces the most electricity from renewable energy, it only makes up a small percentage of its total electricity production, which is why the country doesn’t even place in the top 10.We traced our information from International Energy Statistics.

Without further ado, here is the list of best countries in renewable energy, starting from No. 11.

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