11 Best Countries in Robotics

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The usage, production, and sales of robots in 11 Best Countries in Robotics has grown at an astonishing rate. As computer algorithms and technology rapidly advance, various robots are developed which are able to cross barriers and navigate obstacles without human guidance. Thanks to the presence of such advanced machines, our modern society is benefiting with various services that would be either impossible for human beings to fulfill or it would take tremendous efforts and time to accomplish. From manufacturing and industrial production to medicine, robots are making our lives easier and are capable of fulfilling even the most complex tasks with a much higher efficiency that their ancestors.

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Recent advances in artificial intelligence are enhancing the robots’ capabilities and making them more efficient in diverse areas. According to the International Federation of Robotics, there is a tremendous growth in robotics market. Robot sale increased by 38% in 2011 and 29% in 2014. Sales of industrial robots, in particular, is increasing every year where the automotive parts suppliers and the electrical/electronics industry are considered the main drivers of the growth. Due to importance and influence of the robots in our society it is a significant advantage to find out which are 11 Best Countries in Robotics and how robotics industry impacts their development. Due to the fact that the highest density of robots isn’t always within 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World, the selection is based on the number of multipurpose industrial robots (all types) per 10.000 employees in the manufacturing industry, according to World Robotics 2012, and World Robotics 2014.

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