11 Best Countries for Expats To Raise Children

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Starting a family and raising children is one of the most important decisions in every person’s life, so if you are planning on emigrating, check out these 11 best countries for expats to raise children.

Expats always have a tough time when they find themselves in a new country. There are a lot of challenges and adapting ahead of them. One of those challenges is providing a good environment for raising their children or starting a family. Every person wants the best for their children, and when deciding to move to another country the person will take into consideration their needs as well. From safety to the educational system, everything counts and everything is considered. Nobody wants to raise their children and start a family in an unfriendly environment.We already talked about that topic in our top 11 countries that are most friendly to expats and retirees article.

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The educational system is maybe one of the most crucial segments of raising children. With the right education, a child will acquire needed skills and knowledge that will help them in every aspect of his life. The truth is that some countries have far better education and invest in young minds more than others, which places them high on our list.

Children minds are like sponges. They soak up everything around them, good and bad. So the ultimate goal of every parent (or a person who wants to become one) is to have their children growing up in the right environment, where a child can soak up more good things and less bad ones.

To check out which are 11 best countries for expats to raise children, we used HSBC’s massive survey that tried to give the best ranking of the countries for expats depending on various criteria with suitability for “raising children” being one of them.

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