Top 11 Countries that are Most Friendly to Expats and Retirees

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These top countries that are most friendly to expats and retirees, which we’ve prepared for you, should be highly considered as a place to live in. Why? The simplest answer is that in the friendly environment everything is a lot easier and goes smoother.

In our series of articles about the countries for expats and retirees, we have already ranked the countries according to various criteria, and today, we’ll rank them by the criterion that is highly appraised by expats and retirees and is among their highest priorities. No, not the food! We talked about that in top 11 countries with best food/diet in the world for retirees and expats. We are talking about the friendliness of countries.

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When you come for the first time in a foreign country, you can feel a bit awkward. It is especially hard if you came to stay for a long while. You don’t know the customs, where can you get the best food for less than 2$ and how to react when someone offers you an exchange service. This all gets a lot easier when you have some help, preferably from locals. That way you will feel at home in no time, and your new beginning and transition will be smooth.

Unfortunately, not all countries are friendly to the newcomers. It probably has something to do with the national pride and the feeling that a person from the outside will take something yours. In those countries, the locals are giving their best to make your life miserable and make you want to take the first flight back home. So, what are the countries at the end of that spectrum, countries that are most friendly to expats and retirees? To find those countries we have customized a survey that was conducted by HSBC. In that survey, people shared their opinions on various topics, one of them being the friendliness of a particular country in other words – how easy it is to make friends and integrate there. The results were a surprise for us, and maybe they will be a surprise for you as well.

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