11 Best Art Documentaries on Amazon Prime

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If you are looking for a documentary that will take you into the world of art, why don’t try our list of 11 best art documentaries on Amazon Prime? You may discover a new artist, a new type of art, or just get to know more about the topic that interests you.

There are many kinds of art. If you look at a broad definition of art, it involves every form of expression, from painting to dancing to photography. Art has always been a tricky topic to discuss. For me, art is one of the most subjective things. For example, if someone paints an awesome graffiti on the wall, I will consider that as an art. On the other hand, a person that considers art to be something similar to Rembrandt’s paintings and sculptures of Michelangelo will discard graffiti as an art and consider it pure vandalism.

When speaking about arguments and art, it is safe to say that conceptual art causes the most opposing opinions. In conceptual art, the idea behind the art piece or an art performance is more important than art piece or an art performance itself. As much as I am open minded, I don’t consider Shia LaBeouf’s movie marathon or putting a paper bag over his head to be an art. He thinks he is an artist and there are lots of people who think that and stained tablecloths, for example, is an art. I disagree but respect the opinion. This is where the subjectivity kicks in. If something isn’t art for someone, it doesn’t exclude it as an art. If you are into the art of making documentaries and have Amazon Prime subscription, we recommend you to check out our list of 35 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime.

When it comes to documentaries dedicated to art, it is safe to say that Amazon Prime is a bit shy in that department. There are only 44 documentaries currently available in the category. To get our list of 11 best art documentaries on Amazon Prime, we went through all of them and decided to use the number of ratings (meaning more people watched it) and Amazon rating as our starting point. We first ranked the documentaries according to the number of raters and then according to the Amazon rating from the users. From that, we calculated the average rating for each documentary and got the final list. Check it out.

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