10 Weird Subcultures around the World

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Weird subcultures around the world are a relatively new phenomenon in human history. In the past, being different from majority meant exposing oneself to a risk of being expelled from society or even killed. As humans grew more tolerant, the subcultures began developing in many cultures around the world.

Although plenty of groups in our history displayed some elements of subculture, it wasn’t until the after World War 2 that subcultures in a modern sense of a word appeared. From London’s Teddy Boys to various Japanese subcultures, there were few similarities. The groups mainly consisted of young people, feeling estranged from the mainstream society and seeking alternative means of acceptance and sense of belonging. All groups have a distinct dress codes, a sort of uniform that made them easily recognizable to other members of the subculture. Finally, mannerisms and distinct language, often secret or at least coded, complete the picture.

Weird Subcultures around the World, hippie

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Plenty of these weird subcultures originated in Japan, adding to the list of crazy facts about Japan. Most of them remained endemic to the land of the rising sun, without anything even remotely similar developing anywhere else on the planet. Sociologists claim that this is an expected consequence of living in a society so bent on suppressing any form of individualism. It is only natural that people will seek other methods of expressing themselves, regardless of how weird of bizarre the rest of us might think they are.

Most weird subcultures around the world represent the form of rebellion against society. Often, those rebellions are expressed through violence, but mostly they are displayed through clothes or music. Some of the subcultures on our list are born from sexual fetishes that outgrew the boundaries of a bedroom and spilled over  into the streets.

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