10 Unhealthiest Countries in the World

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When we talk about the 10 unhealthiest countries in the world we can’t ignore the fact that our world has shown great advancement in health and medicine, especially in the last few decades. Then why some countries are still living beyond the line when it comes to providing basic needs for health and medicine to its citizen? There is no definite answer to this question but the economic condition of any country is a major contributor to its health system. It is generally seen that poor countries are often the ones that fail to provide good health system to its citizens. The wealthier, more economically stable nations of the world often provide funds to these countries but even then the required results are not attained.

When we talk about the health of a nation, we are not only referring to the physical health but also the environmental, social and mental health of its citizen. The combination of all these factors determines how healthy a nation is. A particular country might be physically healthy but if its urban areas are producing too much environment pollution then this country must not be considered healthy overall. The same implies when people of any particular country are suffering from preventable diseases, but they don’t have the required medicines at their disposal.

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Global organizations like WHO and other not for profit bodies are working hard to make this world a better place. They are doing everything in their capacity to eradicate illnesses and promote good health in countries that lack basic healthcare structure. Millions of dollars are being funded to these countries and a lot of progress has been made. What we need now are a little more time and efforts!

In our efforts to make the healthcare infrastructure better in poor countries, it is important that we learn from the nations that are doing it right. Our article “Country-by-Country Life Expectancy; The World’s 15 Healthiest Countries” is bound to help in this regard. For now let us focus on our list of unhealthiest countries of the world – don’t be surprised if you have never heard the names of some of these countries. Also, keep in mind that most of these countries are very small.

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