10 Tech Jobs That Pay Over $200K A Year

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Tech is king, especially when it comes to these tech jobs that pay over $200K a year.

Tech jobs are some of the most lucrative career paths you could follow. Technology is constantly changing and there’s always a need for more brainpower and innovation in any company. If you think about it, almost every company has some type of online or app presence, which means software developers are at the backend of this. I learned front-end software development a while ago and it was challenging but very rewarding. Knowing all about how websites and apps are created and function helped me gain a better understanding of the work I do on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I wish I had learned it better and finished the full stack development in order to make that a job choice, but I’m not necessarily completely interested in it. Writing is definitely something I’m better at achieving.

There are all types of tech jobs out there, but they mostly all link back to software and the systems that are behind all programs, websites, and apps we use on a daily basis. Because these are all extremely necessary tools, jobs revolving around tech often pay really, really well. Tech jobs have often not included women until what seems like very recently, and even within the industry, there’s a pay gap. You can take a look at the best-paying jobs for women in America and cross-reference it with any job that men have to see what that means. Women are, though, creeping into the tech industry and making great strides, which is always nice to see.

In order to create this list of tech jobs that pay over $200K a year, we sought help from some online sources, like Business Insider, Forbes, and the Network World. We took all the jobs that appeared across all three sources. In order to rank these jobs, we found the maximum salaries from Network World. The jobs that pay the most are at the top of the list.

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