11 Best Paying Jobs for Women in America

Choose from these 11 best paying jobs for women in America and put yourself among the top earners in the country. Even now with all of the advancements we’ve attained through equal human rights and benefits, there are still some traces of racism and sexism evident. One of the notions from decades ago was that women could not work and they should only stay at home. Recent years have changed all of that and even some of the most powerful and influential people in the world today are women.

A struggle that women have even today is getting a job that pays well. There are some jobs that have created the misconception that only men could do them well. Any person given the right motivation, passion and perseverance can do anything and move to great heights. Even some of the most successful doctors today comprise of women. There are a lot of interesting and high paying jobs for that profession as well. We’ve listed them here in The 11 Best Paying Jobs for Doctors in the US. Some of these jobs may be unconventional or unusual, but the demand sure is high for each of them.

This list is ranked based on the average earnings you can get on a weekly basis. Let’s go ahead and learn more on what jobs and professions pays well with this list of 11 best paying jobs for women in America.

11. Architectural Manager

Average Weekly Earnings – $1734

More than just making designs, an architectural manager handles the entire team of designers and coordinates with the construction managers and general managers. They ensure that everything goes according to plan and manages the materials, budget, schedule and a lot of other things.

 Best Paying Jobs for Women in America