12 Famous Paintings with The Stories Behind Them

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Art itself always tells a story, but often has an intriguing tale behind it as well, which is why we chose to compile a list of 12 famous paintings with the stories behind them.

The story behind anything is always very important, and more often than not, makes it even more special in our eyes, but when it comes to art, it is especially significant, for it usually helps us understand the artist’s intentions and the story he is struggling to convey. Throughout history, due to various philosophies and artistic styles, art movements such as impressionism and cubism have assisted in the propagation of art and have infused it with a vast variety of artistic ideals, each with its own unique touch. For a closer look at each individual movement, check out this compilation prepared by The Art Story.

These movements are precisely why art history is such a rich subject, and besides, art has had a widespread cultural impact on the world throughout the ages. In the past, artists were often commissioned to make portraits directed towards a certain audience, and distinguishing the various factors that motivated the artist to make the painting often helps us in interpreting the piece.

If, however, you’re most focused on the art itself rather than its background, take a look at our list of the 25 most famous paintings in the world which presents a collection of incredible and inspiring art that has continued to make a mark through the ages. Naturally, almost all pictures on this list are on that one too, which perfectly depicts the idea that behind greatest work of arts are also the great stories.

We referred to a number of sources to find out the stories behind some of the best paintings in the world. So, let’s finally hear them!

12. Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

This painting, depicting a beautiful girl with a distinctive earring as the title clearly states, is also considered to be the Dutch Mona Lisa or the Mona Lisa of the North. It is believed by some that the girl is Vermeer’s eldest daughter Maria, but no one really knows who she is. This fact emphasizes the aura of mystery that surrounds the painting and the speculation about the painted girl perhaps adds to the story of the painting.

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