10 Most Widely Spoken Languages In the World

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Whether you want to travel around the world, you’re interested in doing business abroad or you want to seduce people wherever you go, you might want to know which are the 10 Most Widely Spoken Languages In The World.

In some point of the history of literature, science fiction promised us a universal translator, and it kept on doing it over the years. Unfortunately for us, we’re extremely far from the Babel fish or from the TARDIS. Of course, technology developers are working non stop to create a tool that allows us to understand every other language in the word. But until now, the only device to communicate between different countries and cultures in a successful way is by studying different languages.

So if you’re planning to go back to school to take some language classes, you might want to think it through before choosing which language you want to learn. You might like the musicality of Russian, you might like Italian speakers or maybe you just want to know what do those catchy Ricky Martin songs say. All of these and plenty of other reasons are good enough to sign up for some language class. But another strategy is to ensure the most speakers the better. If that’s what you are looking for, knowing which are the most widelyspoken languages in the world will be decisive. Of course, you can always play safe. If you’re a native English speaker you should check The 5 Easiest Second Languages To Learn For English Speakers .


When it comes to making rankings of most widely spoken languages in the world, the variables can be plenty. First you need to establish who counts as a speaker and who doesn’t. You can count the native speakers, you can count the fluid speakers, you can count intermediate students, etc. It is also important the amount of places where it is spoken. There are some languages with big populations spoken in really isolated places, while other languages have less speakers but they are scattered all around the globe. And all these variables have changed along the years.

According to the 18th edition of Ethnologue released in 2015, the languages listed below are the first ten languages of the world of population of first-language speakers, which means The 10 Most Widely Spoken Languages In The World as a mother tongue.
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