10 Most Tolerant Countries in the World

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The 10 most tolerant countries in the world are doing a great job at being understanding about the chaotic and culturally diverse times we live in. Being largely a part of the 13 least racist countries in the world, these corners of the world are largely ready to welcome you and not judge you based on your age, gender, sexual orientation or beliefs. Tolerance is a big part of what we need to change about society as a whole nowadays and will go on being so for a seemingly long time. It is hard for people who have lived in a world that condemns and despises everything different from the local culture and race to welcome the idea of an open and borderless world where people of all sizes, colors, shapes and creed can equally enjoy living a fulfilling life.

Most Tolerant Countries in the World


Tolerance nowadays is a double-sided blade. On one side there is the lack of it which is currently causing massive amounts of unrest in many spots around the globe. For one reason or another, when two cultures clash there is barely any interaction aside from the conflict in certain places. To make matters worse, different political parties use the already existing tension between ethnic groups to propagate their own agenda. On the other side, there is (although you would not want to believe it) excessive tolerance in certain places. This is mainly due to legal loopholes or people with strong ties but there are cases where seemingly immoral acts based on someone’s ethnicity or gender go by unnoticed by the authorities. Too much of anything is never good and practically everything has a fine balance point where most of the population would be happy. So far we’re hanging on the negative side of the balance point so places like these 10 most tolerant countries in the world can afford to be orders of magnitude more tolerant than some other and still have space for improvement. Let’s take a look at them.

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