10 Most Sold Motorcycle Brands In The World

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This article will help you pick one of the 10 most sold motorcycle brands in the world. Sales of motorcycles have surged significantly recently, as the future of motorcycle riding appears to be extremely bright. There are no indications that the increasing trend will soon wane. Many experts and sources forecast that the most well-known companies will see record-breaking sales every single year.

The motorcycle industry has experienced substantial expansion during the past 20 years. As people come to grips with the state of the world’s economy, motorcycle sales are quite likely to increase in response to a rise in demand as they provide a more affordable outlet for purchase, especially in developing economies where many people are priced out of cars. The current data predicts sales of $156.9 billion by the year 2026. The cost-effectiveness, features and functionality, and untapped potential for these motorcycles to be an efficient and reliable everyday form of transportation are all factors taken into account while classifying our list of the 10 most sold motorcycle brand in the world.

Digging into the available historical facts and figures of the top 10 most sold motorcycle brands in the global motorcycle industry, we were able to compile a list including some of the most successful brands that are still renowned in the industry for manufacturing some of the highest quality two-wheelers. As mentioned earlier, sales are anticipated to increase substantially in developing countries including China, India, Brazil, and the Philippines during the next few years. In a similar vein, the US motorcycle market is anticipated to quickly expand in relative size over the next few years.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of data on motorcycle sales out there, despite strenuous research as most companies don’t mention their bike sales specifically, which is why we are relying on Insider Monkey articles which have previously ranked motorcycle brands and their sale. Let’s take a look at some of the core specifications the above mentioned brands offer in their motorcycles and what makes these motorcycles worth your money.

10. Indian Motorcycle/Polaris Inc.

Ironically, one of the most renowned and lasting American manufacturers is named Indian Motorcycles. In Springfield, Massachusetts, the original Indian Motorcycle Company built bikes from 1901 until business began to decline in 1953. The Indian name was afterwards purchased by other would-be producers.

According to the company, the most modern Indian bagger has a 108-cubic-inch liquid-cooled V-twin engine that generates 122 horsepower and 128 foot-pounds of torque. You may also crank the engine up to 6000 rpm whenever you want. With a big TFT display, Bluetooth connectivity, amazing music that cranks it up to 11, and a smooth ride with 4.5 inches of rear suspension travel, the Challenger offers every cutting-edge high-tech element needed to win the race and for being placed in the top 10 most sold motorcycle brands in the world.

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE:PII)

9. KTM Industries AG Inhaber-Aktie

Off-road bikes made by this Austrian company are renowned for their propensity to win races and dominate their respective classes. KTM takes off-road racing so seriously that it produces vehicles made exclusively for the off-road racing divisions of motocross, cross-country, enduro, and dual-sport. All of KTM’s consumer models are constructed to be competitive since the company takes the sport of motorcycle competition extremely seriously.

All sizes of dirt-ready adventure tourers, 2- and 4-stroke off-road racers, dual-sport motorcycles with displacements between 350 and 500 cc, and loud, bare-chested naked bikers known as Dukes with displacements between 200 and 1290 cc round out the KTM motorcycle roster.

Motocross, Motorcycle, Motor

8. Triumph Motorcycles

Beginning in the early 1980s, one of the most known motorcycle manufacturers of the 20th century—the original Triumph—came to an end.The 1990s saw Triumph reborn as a genuinely contemporary British firm, vowing to forge its own character rather than churning out knockoff sport bikes or cruisers.

Today’s selection of two- and three-cylinder bikes is astounding, with models in the adventure, cruiser, contemporary classic, cafe racer, and roadster categories. The three-cylinder lineup consists of the trendy Street and Speed Triple naked motorcycles, the off-road-capable Tiger 900, and the monstrous 2,500cc Rocket 3 cruiser with its rumored 163 pound-feet of torque. The Thruxton, Bonneville, Scrambler, Speed, and Street Twins are just a few of Triumph’s twin-cylinder alternatives.

7. Suzuki Motor Corporation

Suzuki is one of the best motorbike manufacturers out there, and without a shadow of a doubt part of the 10 most sold motorcycle brands in the world . Since 1952, the Japanese company has drawn attention to itself with its distinctive motorbikes. Today, it still creates modernized versions of these ground-breaking models and designs, combining time-tested favorites with cutting-edge technology.

The class-leading power provided by the GSX-flexible R1000R’s engine is delivered smoothly and controllably throughout a wide rpm range, making it the top model in the GSX-R family of ultra-high performance motorcycles. The small chassis provides quick handling, superb suspension feel, and excellent brake control, ready to take on a racetrack or cruise a backroad. While using the unique, aerodynamic GSX-R bodywork, cutting through the wind is made easier thanks to cutting-edge electronic rider aids.

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