10 Most Sexually Active Cities In India

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It’s time to get wet and wild Indian style with the 10 most sexually active cities in India.

In my middle school health class, we watched A TON of DeGrassi Jr. High. It was truly an abnormal amount of television to show children and still claim education was occurring. Yet, I appreciated being taught in a manner I am most familiar. Some people are textual learners, some are visual, I am a televisual learner. So, a Canadian TV show was certainly the most effective way to teach me about sexual activity and to enhance my sexual education.

I still remember multiple episodes lessons from that class. The episode where a girl is roofied; the episode where a girl is sexually assaulted; the episode where someone drinks a beer; the episode where Drake gets shot and is remanded to a wheelchair and has to learn how to play basketball all over again.  Too many unforgettable sexual, social, and life lessons in this program. I will also remember the time when my health teacher and I wore the same sweater. I’m not sure who was more embarrassed, or if either of us truly were–I mean it was a pretty hot woven v-neck sweater I stole from my older sister and my teacher likely bought at American Eagle.

10 Most Sexually Active Cities In India

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Ah memories,  but all of this is to say sexual education is important. It is as important in other countries as it is here in the US. In India, 47% of girls are married before they are age 18, according to UNICEF and according to a 2013 UN report, 28.5% of women have their first child before age 18. That’s approximately 34 million people. This is not exactly a sign of a strong sexual education program.

There are also children under age 18 being married in the U.S. with parental consent, but those numbers, while troubling, are fewer. 3,853 children were married to other people between the years 2000-2010 in New York State. That would put yearly nationwide estimates at about 5,000 child marriages.  Certainly, there are vast cultural and religious differences also at play here–not to mention the general position of women’s rights in the two countries. The U.S. sexual education program is definitely not flawless.

Still marriage, underage or otherwise, isn’t the only measure of sexual education, in fact, it’s not even a great one. There’s also the spread of STIs, unplanned pregnancy, the prevalence of sexual assault as factors to evaluate what a given population knows about sex. Even if they aren’t knowledgeable about it though–won’t stop them from doing it.  So where are people having sex the most? Is it in urban, suburban or rural areas. Surely anecdotal evidence may have one leaning a certain way.

While you are reading this, maybe you could check out The 10 Most Sexually Active Countries in the World. You will find that India is on the number 5 between countries that are most sexually active. So clearly the people of India are right in the middle of the competition as far as sexual appetite is concerned.  However, we want to drill down into more specific information and now it’s time to see which city has helped the most to the country, to earn that position on the list.

In order to find most sexually active cities in India, we needed to find data about all the different kinds of sexual activities in India. So, to cover all the different sexual activities in an effort to be inclusive–and not just focus on sex that results in a pregnancy that is carried to term–we need to consider indicators like watching porn clips, videos or movies, the different acts of having sex and also the number of people doing so, or the population of each city. We found that the greater a population that certain city has, that means that there are more people who could be having sex with their partners. Gramener site helped us to look at the cities in India through sexual context (using their sex liberation index) and then we used information from Indian Ministry of Home Affairs about birth rates, using the number of population in each city, to finalize our research.

Here is the list of 10 most sexually active cities in India:

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