10 Most Prestigious Cheerleading Squads

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They are the hottest, the most beautiful and the most wanted women in the entire world; we present the 10 most prestigious cheerleading squads.

People have played all kinds of team games throughout history to entertain themselves in their spare time. These games evolved into the modern sports that we have today, such as football, basketball, hockey, soccer and many others. Alongside the players, there was the audience, the crowd that cheered for them. Together with sports, cheerleading advanced to the professional level.

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Today we have many cheerleading squads all across America. We also have cheerleaders in others parts of the world, but our focus will only be the United States, because of their majority and prestige.

In 1948, cheerleading squads agreed to form a unique National Cheerleaders Association to improve their organization and quality. Since then, the Association provides summer camps for cheerleaders and actively participates in improving the quality of this organization. The founder of the NCA was Lawrence “Herkie” Herkimer, the “Grandfather of Cheerleading,” after whom a famous cheerleading move is named. Many groups are known for extraordinary skills that make our hearts skip a beat during the halftime show when these beautiful ladies are usually performing.

The all-time favorite sport in the US is football, and the NFL has the most prestigious cheerleader squads on the planet. After NFL cheerleader squads, we include university cheerleading squads that are known for their big numbers and choreography. In 1979, Hollywood held the first “Battle of the NFL Cheerleaders.”

Cheerleading squads are mostly a part time job and notoriously low paid. Cheerleaders have completed their studies and begin traditional careers after about one to four seasons of cheering. Members of the squad participate in training camp, games, practice, photo shoots, and charity events. Their duty of cheering is not their only task. All of them are available for appearances at events, conferences, schools, and more. Cheerleading is a part of American football culture, but it also represents one of the biggest entertainment groups to perform for the United States Armed Forces.

To do our best in creating this list, we have to be objective. The competition for the best squads is growing every day, and every crew tries to be in its best shape at the game day. To rank them correctly we used already published lists on this subject by the Washington Times, Sporty Ghost and the Sports Googly. By combining these records, we came up with our list of the 10 most prestigious cheerleading squads. We ranked their prestige by the criteria of rewards they received and by the team social media impact. We added one point for every 100K followers of the organization and ranked their popularity level considering the score. We were also influenced by their appearance because they are representing American football on a global scale.We previously published a list of the 11 most expensive NFL stadiums to build that is also an interesting theme to read.

Here is the list of the 10 most prestigious cheerleading squads.

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