10 Most Powerful Military Countries In the World

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When it comes to the list of most powerful military countries in the world, there is probably one way to decide that – and that is when two countries face each other in war. Battleground is the place where countries show their military strengths. Thankfully the world has not seen a major war for some time now, and we hope it stays this way forever. But still, many of us would want to know the name of the countries with the most powerful military – and there is an easier way to find out.

Generally people are of the opinion that most economically stable ones are the most powerful countries too but this is not the case. Global Firepower Index evaluates militaries of the world based on 50 factors. These factors include manpower, access to natural resources, equipment (arsenal) and the most important, the amount of budget these countries spend each year in strengthening and maintaining their military strengths. This index keeps quantity ahead of quality like N. Korea has 78 submarines but these underground warriors are not as technologically advanced as some other modern submarines. This index also doesn’t take into account the nuclear stockpile, which after all is the most important indicator of military strengths. Global Firepower Index also doesn’t negatively mark land-locked countries and the fact that they lack vital naval forces.


Some of the countries in this list are bound to surprise you. This is because a country like Pakistan (currently ranks at 15 in the index) and its military and defense capabilities are nothing short of impressive. There are many reasons behind this. Pakistan spends more on defense and less on education because its relationship with the neighboring countries has never been an ideal one. There has been a continuous tension between Pakistan and India and this tension has led to not only wars but the two countries spending a hefty amount as military budget each year. With Firepower Index the lower the score, the higher is the rank of that particular country.

So without going into too much detail, let us focus on our list of the most powerful military countries in the world.

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