10 Most Popular Rock Songs of All Time

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Out of the greatest rock songs ever, which are the most popular rock songs of all time? There is no denying that rock music has had a universal appeal, largely due to its emphasis on live performances and instrument playing. Well, Pop still remained the great big commercial success pool, but the rock music caught on like wildfire as soon as it evolved out of Rock and Roll music in the 1960s. The straightforward chords and quintessential 4/4 rhythms were still easy to relate to and yet it seemed to have a greater connect for its gritty edge.

Quite rightly so, the late sixties are often known as the golden age of Classic Rock! The age of shiny axes and crazy hair! And soon the world had been taken over as a plethora of sub-genres began to emerge. All the goodness of rock music still preserved in throughout the seventies when we were busy discovering, wrapping our heads around and being excited about newer fused genres like jazz-rock, punk-rock, country-rock, heavy metal and the list goes on! All of them greatly popular in their own rights while producing great artists and songs with each passing year. But, when we are faced with creating a list of the most popular rock songs of all time, it essentially must include all the iconic songs that have stayed with us, without fading away at all. Of course, the popularity of Classic Rock cannot be put down and it, hands down, remains the most powerful even today. However, we definitely cannot ignore the popularity and prominence garnered by newer contenders like Nirvana who have battled it out with an equally fervent following. Such is the appeal of rock! It has often tackled different kinds of themes and been celebrated for its raw expression. And, of course, there is not one among us who doesn’t have their very own favorite rock song.

Most Popular Rock Songs of All Time

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If you’re wondering how you’re favorite songs have fared across all genres, check on the 10 Most Popular Songs of All Time. You will find that a lot of popular rock songs have actually made that list as well. To find out about the top dogs of the popular rock charts, keep reading!

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