10 Most Popular Places to Retire in Europe

With these 10 most popular places to retire in Europe, it is easy to plan well ahead and choose the perfect destination.

Europe’s rich culture and history, beautiful cities and pleasant locals (at least in most of the countries) have always attracted people from all corners of the world. Young people from the US like to embark on journeys around Europe, exploring it and finding it more open minded than their home countries. One more reason why people love to travel to Europe could be affordable prices in some of the countries. If that is your main criteria for searching a place to retire, be sure to check these 10 cheapest places to retire abroad.

10 Most Popular Places to Retire in Europe


When choosing a place to retire, you should consider many things, such as health care, security, prices, language, commodity, etc. Also, if you are retiring somewhere, it is better to choose a country that can offer a lot of things to do and see. Museums, historical monuments, theaters and cultural events should be one of the guiding points.

People from the United States tend, more than others, to retire abroad and experience something new. Because of that, we based our search for the most popular places to retire in Europe on popularity among Americans. Bloomberg made a report about American’s retiring preferences basing it on the number of social security payments in February, 2015. From that report, we took 10 European countries that had most social security payments and compiled our list.